How I limit phone use

How I limit phone use

I frequently upload IG stories of our daily life. Sometimes it is easy to look at what others post and keep scrolling until dinner prep gets forgotten. Instagram and Facebook were my biggest distractions.

It had happened one too many times so I decided that I want to drastically cut down on screen time. I only use it to upload IG stories, use my various home productivity apps, and safari or Facebook groups for researching topics like "how to stop toddler from waking up at night".

For a few months now, I have been unfollowing accounts that no longer serve my purpose. Fashion accounts are the first to go. They only made me feel dissatisfied with what I had. I also unfollowed the cute animal accounts (sorry I don't have time for you), random accounts that I was interested in before but not anymore. I wanted to be more mindful of what I allow to enter my feed. I only want to be inspired in a positive way when I actually get to view my feed.

When I need strict control, I disable data access for Instagram and turn off my wifi. I can still upload my posts to the app but they won't be successfully uploaded until I connect Instagram to wifi or enable the data access. Once connected I simply tap on "try again" to upload the stories successfully.

As for Facebook, I simply opted to delete it since I don't need it that often. It's pretty difficult to avoid tapping on the app when the iconic "f" is staring at you on your phone screen. If I need information from my Facebook groups, I access it via safari. It's just a matter of making it more difficult to go on Facebook and hopefully cuts down on mindless scrolling through the feed.

At bedtime, to ensure optimum rest, I use the airplane mode so that I don't get distracted by messages or alerts when I'm trying to fall asleep. If I do reach for my phone, there's one more step of disabling airplane mode and sometimes that is enough to make me change my mind, put my phone down and rest for the night.

These have helped me curb my phone use and spend more time on the things that matter. Over time, I found that I didn't need to rely on controls such as disabling the Instagram app. The habit of scrolling mindlessly has diminished and the desire to look at random posts have almost completely vanished. I'm not kaypoh anymore!


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